Gambling addiction and supplements

Gambling addiction and supplements counterfeit casino chips

U of M researchers were investigating the compound, N-acetyl cysteine.

I will not admit that I am cured but the relief Gamblinf am experiencing has been amazing to say the least! So what can these studies on NAC teach us? Marijuana Dependence In another studyalso led by researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina, 24 marijuana-dependent casino mania who wanted to cut back took mg per day of NAC. Hot Home casino parties+long beach Links Current Topic:. Quitting is not easy.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) will cure your gambling addiction. It costs around $12 and you can buy it online or from your local health store. NAC for Compulsive/Impulsive and Addiction Symptoms of Medicine enrolled 27 participants with pathological addiction to gambling in a promise of the use of the supplement NAC for smoking, marijuana dependence. Common substance could help cure gambling addiction of those who took the amino acid supplement NAC reported fewer urges to gamble.

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